Japanese-Language Proficiency Test: Resources on the JLPT

The following are sources for more detailed information about the test, sample online practice tests, and study materials that are available for purchase.

JLPT Guide: Detailed information (published in 2011) about the test, the skills that it evaluates, and the way it is scored (PDF).

Other Reference Materials: Links to publications describing the test in greater detail, emphasizing the new proficiency-based version of the test that was released in 2010.

Sample Online Practice Tests: A guide to determining which level you should take. (The sample questions can be taken online, but please note that the actual test will be taken in person, on paper.)

Study Materials List: Books covering the JLPT that are currently available for purchase. (PDF)

Japanese Bookstores List: Contact information for Japanese bookstores in the United States where study materials can be purchased. (PDF)

Questions? Contact the JLPT administrative office for the US at jlpt@aatj.org .