Taking the JLPT in the United States

Registration for the 2017 JLPT has closed.

2017 JLPT Information

The 2017 Japanese Language Proficiency Test will be given on Sunday, December 3, 2017. Registration closed at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on Friday, September 29.

If you are registered for the test, you received an important email message from jlpt@aatj.org in early November, with directions for downloading your test voucher. (If you use Hotmail or Yahoo, please check your spam box and be sure that your email will accept messages from jlpt@aatj.org.)

You will need your test voucher for admission to the JLPT test site. PLEASE NOTE: Test vouchers will NOT be sent by postal mail. They must be downloaded from your account.

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JLPT Test Sites

The 2017 JLPT will be held in 17 cities across the United States. The Test Site Information files linked below provide detailed information on the location and time schedule at each test site.

(Directions and test times)
Ann Arbor, MI University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2017 Test Site Information
Atlanta, GA Georgia State University 2017 Test Site Information
Boston, MA Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017 Test Site Information
(Transportation information
updated December 1!)
Boulder, CO University of Colorado, Boulder 2017 Test Site Information
Chicago, IL De Paul University, Lincoln Park Campus 2017 Test Site Information
Columbus, OH The Ohio State University 2017 Test Site Information
Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 2017 Test Site Information
Honolulu, HI University of Hawaii at Manoa 2017 Test Site Information
Houston, TX Rice University 2017 Test Site Information
Los Angeles, CA California State University, Los Angeles 2017 Test Site Information
(Parking information
updated November 30!)
Miami, FL Florida International University 2017 Test Site Information
New York, NY Lehman College, The City University of New York 2017 Test Site Information
Philadelphia, PA Villanova University 2017 Test Site Information
Portland, OR Portland State University 2017 Test Site Information
San Francisco, CA San Francisco State University 2017 Test Site Information
Seattle, WA University of Washington 2017 Test Site Information
Washington, DC Georgetown University 2017 Test Site Information


JLPT Registration Fees and Details about Each Test Level

Test Level Test Fee PDF Describing Each Test Level
N1 - Most Difficult $60.00 N1 (PDF)
N2 $60.00 N2 (PDF)
N3 - Medium Difficulty $60.00 N3 (PDF)
N4 $60.00 N4 (PDF)
N5 - Least Difficult $60.00 N5 (PDF)

Download a poster for the 2017 JLPT
Download a brochure for the 2017 JLPT


Test Rules and Policies

Please read the Test Rules and Policies. 

JLPT Rules and Policies

Requesting Special Accommodations

If you have a disability and would like to request special accommodations at the test site, please download and complete a Special Arrangements Request Form and mail it so that it arrives at the AATJ office by SEPTEMBER 29, 2017. All decisions about special accommodations will be made by the JLPT Administration Committee, and you will be notified of the decision in early November. (If you request special accommodations after September 29, we cannot guarantee that your request will be honored.)

Special Accommodations Request Form

Instructions for Requesting Special Accommodations

Minor Consent Form (Washington, DC, Test Site Only)

The form below must be completed for any minor (under 18 years of age) who is registering to take the JLPT in Washington, DC. Parents: Please complete the form and mail or fax it to the test headquarters (AATJ, 1424 Broadway, UCB 366, Boulder, CO 80309; fax 303-492-5856) by September 29, 2017.

Minor Consent Form