Guidelines for Reviewers of Publications for Japanese Language and Literature

Thank you very much for agreeing to review a publication for JLL.

Here is an outline of the various requirements for JLLreviews:

  1. Please keep your review under about 2,000 words (8-10 double-spaced pages) and submit it by the deadline specified by your review editor.

  2. Follow the format of the following examples of the heading on the first page of your review:

    The Japanese Today. By Edwin O. Reischauer. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1976. vii, 426 pp. $12.50.

    Conflicts in Japan. Edited by Ellis Krauss, Thomas P. Rohlen, and Patricia A. Steinhoff. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1984. viii, 417pp.$18.00.

  3. Your review should first summarize the organization and the contents without any critical remarks. In the second half, make evaluative remarks, always keeping in mind the larger picture of the state of the field and the place where this book might contribute to the advancement of literary studies of Japanese literature, Japanese instruction and pedagogy, the arts, and culture. Although important failings should be mentioned, refrain from listing more than a sampling of errors, unless they are essential to the evaluation of the book. No footnoting or citing references in a review is generally allowed.

  4. At the end of the review, please include the number of words in the review, your name, address, affiliation, phone number, email address, and a brief biographical description of the reviewer.

  5. Proofread your review carefully and double-check romanization of foreign names and words, page references, and other numerical data. The review editor and the copyeditor may make minor stylistic changes in your text to conform to JLL style . Every effort will be made to consult you about significant editorial changes before edited copy is delivered to the printer. Because of the fast turnaround required by the production schedule, proof is generally cleared by the JLL editors.

  6. Please send the review as an attachment to an email message to your review editor.
         Language and Linguistics: Janice Brown
         Pedagogy: Suwako Watanabe

Thank you for agreeing to provide this important service to the field.

Please note: this page is also available as a pdf file which you can download and print.