Yokohama National University

Yokohama National University The Junior Year Overseas Program at Yokohama National University (JOY) offers short-term exchange programs beginning in either October or April for students interested in studying in Japan for six months to a year. The JOY Program is not an intensive language study program, but an opportunity to live in Japan while studying a diversity of subjects at one of Japan's top universities. Courses are offered in a variety of subject areas including literature, culture, science, technology, linguistics and economics. All non-language courses are taught in English, so prior experience with the Japanese language is not required. However, students with more advanced language skills can get approval to attend classes in Japanese in their area of study. There are also opportunities for students to do individual research and participate in internships.

Approximately 20 students are accepted to JOY each year. Students planning to study abroad beginning in October should submit their applications by April. Students planning to study abroad beginning in April should submit their applications by December.

For more information and an application, please go to the website