Study Abroad in Japan: Why Study in Japan?

If you're reading this page because you already want to go to Japan, you more than likely already have answered this question. But if you're still thinking about it, let us give you some answers that other people have come up with.

For many students who study overseas for a year or a semester, the experience is one of the highlights of their college years. They learn a lot about the language and culture of the country they go to, of course; but more than that, they learn a lot about themselves and about their own culture by looking at it from the outside. They make new friends--some of them lifelong--and they learn new "street smarts" and social skills. Often the skills they learn and develop during their time overseas become major assets on the job market.

For students of Japanese language, and of the literature, history, society, economy and business, or arts and culture of Japan, a period of study abroad can pay tremendous dividends. It goes almost without saying that language skills can be improved immeasurably by a stay of almost any length in a place where the language you are learning is being spoken all around you. In Japan, you are challenged every day to perform practical tasks using the language, in addition to being challenged in the classroom and, often, in home and neighborhood situations.

It's safe to say that a study-abroad experience will broaden your horizons and give you a whole new perspective on yourself and your surroundings--as well, of course, as giving your language skills a tremendous boost.