University of Tokyo, Komaba

The University of Tokyo (a national university) was established in 1877. There are currently 7800 faculty members, 27,300 students, and 1700 foreign researchers affiliated with the university. The University of Tokyo has academic exchange agreements with 140 schools in 34 countries, including 30 universities and colleges in the United States.

Abroad in Komaba (AIKOM) offers mutual tuition wavers and credit transfers to overseas students' home schools. No prior study of Japanese language is required because special English lectures are given, and Japanese-language classes are offered through AIKOM.

AIKOM is a one-year study abroad program for undergraduate students. The academic year begins April 1 and ends March 31. AIKOM students may elect to take special courses in English, regular courses in English (open to all University of Tokyo students), Japanese language courses (Level I-III), or regular courses in Japanese or other languages in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Full-semester courses covering specific topics related to Japan, such as language, literature, politics, and socio-economics are offered to all AIKOM students. For students who have other interests, independent study is also an option. Classes which have been offered in the past include "Japan in a Changing World," "Redefining Japanese Culture," "Performing Japan: An Introduction to Japanese Theater Culture," "Japanese Aesthetic Philosophy," and "Japanese Politics and International Relations."

The Komaba campus of the University of Tokyo has an international lodge, where foreign researchers and international students may choose to live.

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