Toyo University

Toyo University was established in 1887. It now admits 25,000 students per year, and currently there are over 300 foreign students from ten countries enrolled at Toyo. Toyo has four campuses, and the newest, Itakura, houses the Faculty of Regional Development Studies and the Faculty of Life Sciences. Itakura is 80 minutes by train from downtown Tokyo, in Gunma Prefecture.

The Regional Development Studies Department was founded in April 1997, and has four main fields of emphasis: economics, regional development management, industrial development, and environmental management. One hundred fifty Regional Development Studies students are admitted each year. Among these, approximately one-third are international students from all over the world, with a high number from other Asian countries.

Regional Development Studies prepares students for careers in Regional Development Planning and Coordinating, Project Management, Regional Researching, and positions as Regional Superintendents.

The program is four years long, and upon completion of eight successful terms, students will be eligible to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree. The courses place an emphasis on training in basic points of view and ways of thinking, basic knowledge, and basic methodology. Students may choose between generalized study areas such as liberal arts, foreign languages, and health sciences; or specialized study areas.

The department is relatively flexible, and students can choose to begin in either April or October. There is an intensive training course in the Japanese language which will bring students up to the first level in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, enabling those with poor Japanese-language skills to participate.

Toyo has agreements for academic collaboration with 15 universities and institutions in China, France, Germany, Ireland, Indonesia, Korea, and the United States. American universities with exchange agreements with Toyo are the University of Montana, Oregon State University, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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