Tohoku University

Tohoku University is a national university which was established in Sendai in 1907. Tohoku graduated its first foreign students in 1911, becoming the first Japanese university to do so. Now there are 10 undergraduate schools, 12 graduate schools, and 7 research institutions. More than 16,000 students attend Tohoku, including over 800 international students from 50 countries.

Tohoku is located in Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. Sendai is the largest city in the Tohoku Region with one million inhabitants. It is northeast of Tokyo and can be reached in 2 hours by the Shinkansen, or bullet train. Sendai is known as "mori no miyako," or "the city of trees" because of the picturesque tree-lined streets. The climate is temperate with cool summers and moderately cold winters. There are mountains to the west of the city and the ocean is to the east.

The Junior Year Program at Tohoku University is a one-year program which begins in October. Each year thirty students are admitted from outside of Japan. Semesters last 15 weeks, with the fall semester running from October to March and spring semester from April to September. For students who are unable to attend the entire program, a six-month plan is also available.

Lectures on science, engineering, and education are offered in English for international students. These classes receive the same credit as equivalent courses taught in Japanese. Also available are classes on Japanese language, culture, and society.

To be eligible for this program, students must be enrolled in their home institutions as juniors. Their home institutions must have formal exchange agreements with Tohoku, allowing credits earned at Tohoku to transfer with relative ease. However, as a precaution, students are advised to discuss credits with an academic counselor before leaving for Japan.

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