Temple University Summer Institute: Studies in Japanese Popular Culture (U.S. University Program)

Based at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), this program introduces undergraduate students to various aspects of Japanese popular culture and analyzes their collective expression in mass media and youth subcultures. Summer Institute course topics include anime, manga, youth and popular culture, and sociocultural anthropology. Students also have the option of studying Japanese language. In addition to lectures and class discussions, the program includes group field trips to art and anime exhibitions, as well as to a variety of media, art and film-related events and activities.

Students also have the option of studying Japanese language, commensurate with their level of language proficiency. Although courses focus particularly on contemporary popular culture, they are contextualized by broader perspectives on Japanese society and culture, with anthropological and sociological analyses of identity, media and contemporary social problems in mass society. The courses are comparative in nature, and are informed by academic discourses on globalization (the diffusion of cultural innovation in popular culture) and the influence of popular culture, both in Japan and abroad.

Students enroll in three of the courses offered, for a total of nine or ten credits. Courses are taught by distinguished faculty and are conducted in English.

Estimated student costs are approximately $4,000 for Pennsylvania residents and $6,800 for non-residents.

For further details about the program, please visit http://www.temple.edu/studyabroad/programs/summer/japan/popular_culture.html.