Ryukoku University

Ryukoku was founded in 1639 in connection with the Nishi-Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. It has a long and distinguished history and is located in the heart of the ancient city of Kyoto. Today, the university has seven Faculties (Letters, Law, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, Science and Technology, and Intercultural Communications), undergraduate and graduate programs, a junior college, and the Japanese Culture and Language Program (JCLP). Ryukoku's JCLP is a one-year, intensive program, with five skill levels, and culture electives in addition to the language classes.

Students from 44 different countries come to Ryukoku to study and explore Japanese culture. In addition to studies, many students participate in one of the university's 140 student clubs. Applications are accepted in May and October, and the two semesters begin in April and September.

On the Web at http://www.ryukoku.ac.jp.