Osaka Girls' Senior High School

Osaka Girls' Senior High School
International Student Program
2-8-19 Tennoji-cho, Minami
Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-0002
Tel: (+81) 6-6719-2801
Fax: 06-6714-0045

Osaka Girls' Senior High School, a private high school in Osaka, Japan, is taking applications from international students. Girls live in the Kyoto/Osaka area and can also explore other Kansai cities. Terms are for a semester, a year or for 'gap year'-- a pre-college enrichment program. Before arrival, school staff design a program tailored to each student's needs. Teacher mentors, students, and host families immerse girls in Japanese culture. Along with intensive study of Japanese, students take courses that can help jump-start international careers. Cultural and sports clubs in anime, computer graphics, music and drama, Japanese flower arrangement, Japanese archery (Kyudo), and others are offered. A volunteer component in Kansai and nearby Asian countries provides an opportunity to contribute to people who can't always speak for themselves.