Nagoya Gakuin University

Located in a rural setting near the historic city of Seto, about one hour's travel north of Nagoya, Nagoya Gakuin University offers both Japanese language and Japanese area studies classes to students from overseas. The one-year course in the Institute for Japanese Studies (IJS) includes 16 credits for language study at five levels of difficulty and 12 credits for classes in Japanese history, society, literature, religion, art, politics, economy, education, science and technology, or business management.

IJS classes are taught in both English and Japanese, and students whose language proficiency is advanced may also enroll in regular university classes. Nagoya Gakuin's areas of specialty are economics and business management and foreign studies (English and Chinese).

The school year follows the Japanese pattern, with two four-month semesters (April through July, September through December). International students may begin their enrollment in either semester.

IJS has an internship program which offers a one-month supervised practical work experience in a Japanese business environment for students who can communicate well in Japanese.

Students may live in the International Seminar House on campus or apply for a home stay program.

IJS tuition and housing scholarships are available based on need and academic performance. International students may also be eligible for scholarships from Aichi Prefecture and the Japanese government, and for loans through the university's Center for International Exchange Programs.

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