Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies, which is located on the northern border of Nagasaki City, offers the Japan Studies In Nagasaki Program (JASIN). The program offers two 15-week terms, one in the fall and one in the spring. Students may enter the program in either term and study for one or two terms. Continuing studies in the college's Japanese-language curriculum are possible.

JASIN offers undergraduate university-level courses in Japanese language and in Japan Studies. All Japan Studies classes are conducted in English with emphasis on exposure through field trips, tours, social activities, and arranged stays in Japanese-style housing situations. Each term is designed to provide the transferable equivalent of a semester of university study.

The JASIN Program is designed as a study abroad opportunity for current university students, although applications from those in other situations may be accepted. Applicants must have successfully completed at least one year of university study; be in good academic standing, and have adequate English ability to participate in the Japan Studies classes.

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