Kyushu University Summer Program: Asia in Today's World (Japanese University Program)

"Asia in Today's World," the first summer program specifically for international students held at a national university, is a 6-week summer program for studying Asia and the Japanese language. The 5-week program is held from early July to mid-August.

ATW focuses on Asia, one of the most dynamic parts of today's world, and offers undergraduate-level courses on the past, present, and future of Asia. All Asian Studies courses are taught in English by Kyushu University faculty as well as professors invited from overseas universities. The Program is suitable not only for Asian Studies majors but also for students in many other majors. For students who are majoring in natural sciences, a laboratory work course is available as an option, with guidance in English by a Kyushu University professor. Japanese language courses from absolute beginner to intermediate level will be offered, and students can take courses in either a combination of Asian Studies and Japanese language or laboratory work and Japanese language.

A furnished apartment and homestay are available for students' accommodation. Students can eceive one-on-one peer tutoring from Kyushu University students.

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