KCP International Japanese Language School (Independent Organization Program)

KCP International offers several summer programs in intensive Japanese language and culture for the serious student. Language classes (at 6 plus proficiency levels) in all programs are full Japanese immersion, with ample extracurricular help available in English if necessary. Culture classes, largely in English, include both classroom learning and frequent site-visit experiences. Student-teacher ratio is 11:1.

KCP summer programs fit a variety of schedules. The regular summer program is the same length and content as the KCP fall, winter, and spring semesters, and on completion, students receive a year or more of academic credit through transcripts from one of KCP’s sponsor schools—Western Washington University, University of Idaho, and Lincoln University. The summer short-term program lasts about eight weeks, and academic credit is available through those same schools. Well over 200 colleges and universities have accepted this transfer credit.

The new 4-week summer programs—Japanese Language and Business, and Japanese Language and Animé/Manga—can be taken for credit through Lincoln University. These mini-programs include two weeks of full Japanese immersion and two weeks of cultural lectures, site visits, field trips, and hands-on exposure.

The program's website is at http://www.kcpinternational.com/summer.