Japan Study at Waseda University (Consortium Program)

Administered by Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and recognized by the Great Lakes College Association (GLCA) and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), the Japan Study program is one of the longest running study abroad programs in Japan. Participants in the program live with a host family in Tokyo, study at prestigious Waseda University, spend a month with a rural family in Shimane Prefecture during a break between terms, and have the opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities with Japanese university students.

Because the program lasts a full ten months, participating students make unusually strong progress in improving their Japanese language skills. Morning classes at Waseda University are devoted to intensive language study; in the afternoons students are offered a range of English-language electives. During the spring term, students may be able to do independent research projects or to take content courses in Japanese.

Japan Study program participants are accompanied to Japan by a faculty member from a GLCA or ACM campus, who serves as Resident Director and teaches some classes.

All students enrolled in American colleges and universities are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to highly qualified applicants from GLCA and ACM colleges. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is assumed, although exceptions may be made under special circumstances. Acceptance in the program is conditional on completion of at least one semester or term of Japanese language study prior to departure and approval of Waseda University's International Division. Scholarships are available to qualifying students under the Japanese government's program for overseas students.

For more information, visit the program's Web site at http://www.earlham.edu/~jpns/.