Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Consortium Program)

Michigan's state university system established a campus in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, in 1989. The center's facilities were constructed by Shiga Prefecture, and the campus is administered under the auspices of a consortium of 15 Michigan public universities. Students who attend the Center for either a semester or an academic year pursue studies in Japanese language and culture; the Center also offers independent study options and encourages students in other specialties to apply.

The cost of a semester at the Hikone campus, near the shore of Lake Biwa, is estimated at $7,000, including the program fee and housing fee. Housing is in campus apartments, with optional homestays also available.

The Japan Center for Michigan Universities also offers an Environmental Sciences in Japan Program (ESJ). Designed for students in the environmental and natural sciences, it features guest lectures by leading Japanese and American researchers, field trips, internships, and intensive Japanese language study. No prior Japanese language ability is necessary to participate. Partial scholarships are available to qualified applicants.

For more information, on either JCMU program, contact the JCMU office at Michigan State University Website: http://jcmu.isp.msu.edu/.