Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies Summer Program (U.S. University Program)

The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) (Yokohama) offers a 7-week summer course of study. The morning sessions of the summer program are focused on advanced spoken Japanese. The objective is to acquire the ability to naturally, correctly and appropriately express thoughts and opinions. In addition to written and computer-based text materials, video documentaries and film are also used.

The afternoon session is devoted to conversation, field-trip classes, and kanji. Three times weekly, students engage in discussion focused on a variety of topics during a one-hour conversation class. The objective of the class is to improve fluency through free discussion on various topics. Teachers moderate and encourage participation and introduce the use of appropriate expressions. Once a week, a one-hour kanji class is held. During this class there is a review of the kanji and vocabulary introduced in the week.

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