Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University's Short-term Exchange Program (HUSTEP) is designed to give students from overseas an opportunity to study at Hokkaido University by enrolling in a special one-year academic program. This is a new program in which students from overseas enroll as special auditors in courses taught in English. The program is offered under the provisions of Inter-University Academic Exchange Agreements concluded between Hokkaido University and counterpart institutions abroad. U.S. institutions with agreements are Portland State University, University of Massachusetts, Cornell University, University of Alaska, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Students wishing to participate in HUSTEP must in principle have completed two years of undergraduate study (or have junior standing) at their own university prior to arrival in Japan. Japanese language ability is not required to participate in HUSTEP. Courses will be offered in Japanese culture and society, environmental studies and crop biology of the northern regions, contemporary engineering in Japan, medicine, and Japanese language studies. Practical field training opportunities are especially rich in courses pertaining to environmental studies and crop biology of the northern regions including Hokkaido, Northeast Eurasia and the North Pacific.

For further information, visit the university's website at http://www.hokudai.ac.jp/en/.