Doshisha University

Doshisha University, located next to the old Imperial Palace in Kyoto, has established the Intensive Japanese Language Program for its exchange students and students who are planning to attend Japanese universities. The program offers three levels of 20-hour Japanese language courses in the morning from Monday through Friday for about 26 weeks over two semesters. In the afternoon, content courses are offered on Japan, Japanese society and culture, etc., in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Program and course descriptions and information on admissions are available on the website. Some housing and scholarships are available to overseas students. Doshisha has exchange agreements with a number of North American universities, including eight campuses of the University of California, fifteen private colleges which are members of the Associated Kyoto Program consortium, and the University of Victoria. Students at those institutions should apply through their study-abroad offices; other students may apply directly to Doshisha.

For a complete list of exchange programs, see the university's website at