Chuo University

International students in Chuo University's Short-term Study Program take courses or conduct research at Chuo for one semester or one year as an integral part of their degree program at their home institutions. Credits are transferable, and participants are placed as full-time non-degree students at a specific undergraduate faculty or graduate school corresponding to their major at their home institutions. Generally, the participants are exchange students accepted under exchange agreements between Chuo University and its partner institutions. In the U.S., these are: American University, Benedictine University, Carleton College, Maryville College, Tulane University School of Law, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Short-term Study Program aims at developing international students' understanding of Japan--its language, culture, people, and society-- through experiences in a real-life situation both on- and off-campus. Exchange students from partner institutions are eligible to apply for the AIEJ Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program Scholarships.

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