Chiba University

Chiba University is one of Japan's prestigious national universities. The university is composed of approximately 1200 academic staff members, 14,600 undergraduate and graduate students, and 600 international students. The main campus is in Nishi Chiba, less than one hour by train from the center of Tokyo. All Japan Program at Chiba (J-PAC) classes are held at the Nishi Chiba campus.

J-PAC is a program which allows international students to study humanities, social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences in English for six to twelve months at Chiba University. The program also allows beginning speakers of Japanese to increase their language abilities. Students who are proficient in Japanese may also register for regular courses which are taught in Japanese.

J-PAC provides opportunities for internships for students in natural science and engineering classes. The internships are voluntary and last one or two weeks during school vacations. For internships which are far from the Nishi Chiba campus, accommodations are provided.

The fall semester runs from October to mid-February with a two-week winter break. Spring semester runs from April to late July. To be eligible for the program, students should have completed at least one year of undergraduate course work and must be enrolled in an institution of higher education which has an inter-university exchange agreement with Chiba University. Such agreement will allow for credit transfer and a waiver of all tuition and application and registration fees. Students also must agree to return to their home institutions upon completion of J-PAC. J-PAC will accept 20 undergraduate students per year, including ten in social sciences and humanities and ten in engineering and natural science. Applications are due in early March for admission in October.

J-PAC students are eligible to apply for AIEJ scholarships, which cover round-trip airfare, a one-time settling-in allowance. Chiba University has an international house in which single rooms with a bed, desk, kitchenette, shower. The international house is in Inage, which is one train stop from the university.

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