American Field Services (AFS) Intercultural Programs USA

AFS Intercultural Programs USA
310 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204-2608 USA
Phone: 1-800-AFS-INFO

AFS Intercultural Programs offers three types of study abroad programs in Japan: a summer program, a semester program and a full-year program. In the four-week summer homestay language study program participants live with a homestay family and study the Japanese language intensively (80 hours per week) as well as participating in activities organized by the language school and AFS. In the semester and full-year programs participants attend a Japanese high school, take classes, and live with a homestay family. Most schools adopt a trimester system (April to July, September to December, January to March), but some adopt a semester system (April to September, October to March). Students receive an orientation in Japanese culture and life upon arrival and then start their more challenging courses. At the end of the school day, all students take part in souji, the cleaning of the school, and there are also opportunities to become involved with school clubs and extracurricular activities including baseball, soccer, judo, kendo, swimming, volleyball, rugby, calligraphy, science, and more.

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