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Webinar: How to Write a Successful ACTFL Proposal

Description: Would you like to know more about how to write a proposal for the ACTFL Convention / AATJ Fall Conference? AATJ's webinar will walk you through the ACTFL submission guidelines, including focus areas, submission types, review process, and evaluation rubric. Sample proposals will be shared to help participants better understand the criteria for acceptance.

AATJ Live Webinar (December 13, 2014)

Webinar Contents:
Part 1. Overview of ACTFL Proposal Submission
Part 2. Tips for Submitting a Proposal
Part 3: Sample Proposals Successfully Accepted in 2014

Click here to view a redo video of Part 1.

Click here to view a webinar recording of Parts 2 and 3.

The 2016 ACTFL Conference will be held November 18-20 in Boston, Massachusetts. The deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday, January 13.

Webinar presenters: Noriko Fujioka-Ito is Associate Professor-Educator and Director of Japanese Language and Culture Program at University of Cincinnati. She served as a 2012-2014 Fall Conference Co-Director. Yasuko Takata Rallings is Associate Professor of the Practice in Japanese at Wake Forest University. She served as a 2013-2014 Fall Conference Co-Director.

Language: The PowerPoint is in English, but the speakers talk in Japanese. Questions and answers are in either English or Japanese.

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