Occasional Papers

Eleven issues of Occasional Papers were published by the Association of Teachers of Japanese between 1995 and 2012. Now that ATJ has become AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese); this series has been discontinued.

The last issue of Occasional Papers, Issue Number 11 (2012), Japanese Language Education and Creativity: Recent Theories and Practices, can be downloaded here as a 1-MB PDF file.

Earlier issues of the Occasional Papers (2005-2010) can also be downloaded as PDF files:

Issue 10 (2010): Meeting Student Needs: Perspectives on Teaching Japanese for Professional Purposes
  Issue 9 (2009): Bridging Japanese Language and Japanese Studies in Higher Education
  Issue 8 (2008): Re-emerging Articulation Initiatives in Japanese Language Education in the United States
  Issue 7 (2005): Study Abroad: Rethinking Our Whys and Hows