Japanese as a Heritage Language Special Interest Group

The JHL SIG was established to provide a home base for collecting and disseminating research findings in the field, and promoting JHL education. It also aims to provide a forum for discussing JHL issues. We publish research papers and reports on curriculum and instructional materials through our on-line journal, post conference paper abstracts on the SIG web site, and host a mailing list for information exchange and discussion on JHL issues. We usually have business meetings at the AATJ Annual Spring Conference/AAS Annual Meeting and at the AATJ Fall Conference ACTFL Annual Convention. All AATJ members who are interested in JHL education and research are welcome.

About Us

SIG JHLは、日本語継承語教育に関する情報や、教材、そして指導案を共有するために結成されました。SIG JHLは、AATJに属しているため、AATJの会員であれば、どなたでもこのSIGに入会していただくことができます。このウェブサイトが、「継承語に携わる皆様のお役に立てる場」として発展することを願っております。

We formed this special interest group to share information and teaching materials and ideas for education of Japanese as a heritage language. Our special interest group belongs to AATJ. Therefore, if you're a member of AATJ and interested in this group, you're welcome to join.

Board Members: Prof. Masako Douglas, Ms. Toshiko Calder, Mr. Masahiro Tanaka, and Prof. Tomonori Nagano

The Japanese Heritage Language SIG ejournal

The Japanese Heritage Language Special Interest Group invites submissions to its on-line journal of teaching and learning Japanese as a heritage language. This Web-based journal provides a forum for educators and researchers in the field of JHL to publish their research as well as their practical ideas such as curriculum design, classroom activities, assessment, and experiences related to teaching and learning JHL. The journal is published in an on-line format in order to reach more readers and make the articles accessible and available all the time to educators and researchers in this field. Articles can be submitted at any time to the journal, and the reviewed articles are added to the website on an ongoing bases.

Contents of the journal are as follows:

  • Research Articles: This section features scholarly articles, which quantitatively or qualitatively investigate topics related to teaching and learning of JHL. The Editorial Board invites papers from a wide range of theoretical orientations and on a wide variety of topics related to JHL issues. All papers are double blind peer-reviewed.
  • Reports: This section provides a forum for sharing information about teaching and learning JHL. Reports include, but are not limited to, curriculum design, classroom activities, other practical ideas and suggestions to teach and learn JHL, JHL education, professional development, JHL learners, and Japanese heritage language and culture. All papers are double blind peer-reviewed.

Editorial Board

  • Hitomi Oketani-Lobbezoo (Eastern Michigan University), Chair
  • Noriko Fujioka-Ito (University of Cincinnati), Co-Chair
  • Toshiko M. Calder (Princeton Community Japanese Language School)
  • Kiyomi Chinen (California State University, Long Beach)

Manuscript Guidelines can be found here.

The articles in the current and previous issues of the Japanese Heritage Language SIG ejournal are available at https://www.aatj.org/sig-japanese-heritage-language-ejournal/.



  • 投稿規定
    • 長さ:350字前後。本体は11フォント。活字はMSゴチック体。
    • 写真・ポスター他:アドボカシー活動の写真・ポスター・その他も掲載可能です。写真は、写っている方のプライバシーの保護、ポスターその他は著作権を侵害しないかをご確認ください。記事の末尾の括弧の中にお名前と所属先をご記入ください。
  • 投稿先: jhlsig@gmail.com

List of Japanese heritage schools

The list of schools and institutes offering Japanese class as a heritage language.


Membership and Contact

JHL SIGの会員加入には、AATJの会員であることが義務づけられています。当サイトからのお申し込みを受け取り次第、AATJの会員であることを確認し、JHL SIG加入のご招待をお送りいたします。AATJの会員への加入または更新の方法は、AATJのウェブサイト(https://www.aatj.org/membership)から手続きをお願いいたします。

Thank you very much for your interest in JHL SIG. Those who would like to become a member of JHL SIG need to be a member of AATJ. After we receive your application, we will verify your AATJ membership and send an invitation to join JHL SIG. Please go to (https://www.aatj.org/membership) to join or renew your AATJ membership.

For further information on the Japanese Heritage SIG, please contact Dr. Masako Douglas, Chair of JHL SIG, at masako.douglas@csulb.edu or jhlsig@gmail.com.