All About Studying Abroad in Japan: Introduction

If you're interested in a learning experience in Japan, this site is your first stop.

AATJ's Bridging Project for Study Abroad has answers to your questions about exchange programs and other types of study in Japan, information on college and university programs on both sides of the Pacific, and links to other sources of help and information.

Every year, more than 5,000 undergraduates from North American colleges and universities spend a year, a semester, or a summer studying in Japan. Some are majors in Japanese or Asian studies; others are interested in Japanese art, engineering, or popular culture and want to see it firsthand. Still others just want the experience of living and learning in a place quite different from what they've known so far.

For all of them, study in Japan can be a life-changing experience -- a unique opportunity to develop or improve language skills, discover a fascinating and dynamic culture, and learn new things about themselves.

AATJ invites you to find out more about study abroad in Japan. This site will introduce you to some of the places you can go and the people you might meet there.

You'll also find information on the Bridging Scholarship program to help American students pay for their study-abroad experience in Japan.

The AATJ database on study in Japan includes listings of North American colleges and universities with study-abroad programs, universities in Japan with programs for foreign students, and independent study options. We also have information on scholarships, safety issues, and credit transferability. If you don't find what you're looking for, send an e-mail message through our direct link; we'll contact you and try to help.

Below is an index of topics which might be of interest. Click on a specific question to read about it.

Why study in Japan?
How can I pay for it?
Do I have to know Japanese?
Will I get credit at my school for the courses I take in Japan?
What are Japanese universities really like?
I've read about accidents and violence involving exchange students in other countries recently. Do I have to worry about safety in Japan?