Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 48, No. 2, October 2014


"Sophisticated Masochism in the Work of Shimada Masahiko, Marc Yamada

Performing the Woman Writer: Literature, Media, and Gender Politics in Tamura Toshiko's Akirame and "Onna sakusha", Hitomi Yoshio

In a Senchimentaru Mood: Japanese Sentimentalism in Modern Poetry and Art, Jon Holt

"Truly, they are a lady's words": Ema Saiko and the Construction of an Authentic Voice in Late Edo Period Kanshi, Mari Nagase


Emmerich, The Tale of Genji: Translation, Canonization, and World Literature, David Atherton

Plath, Conversations in Mizusawa, Laura Miller

Hasegawa, The Routledge Course in Japanese Translation, Rebecca Copeland

Wilson, Modern Japanese Women Writers as Artists as Cultural Critics: Miyamoto, Oba, Saegusa, Noriko J. Horiguchi

Kimbrough, Wondrous Brutal Fictions: Eight Buddhist Tales from the Early Japanese Puppet Theater, Jane-Marie Law

Special Section:
New Perspectives on the Japanese Writing System and Reading Japanese as L1 and L2

(Guest Editor: Sachiko Matsunaga)

Introduction, Sachiko Matsunaga

What Students of Japanese Can Learn from Akkadian Cuneiform, Timothy J. Vance

Tongue-Twister Effects in the Silent and Oral Reading of Japanese Sentences, Sachiko Matsunaga

Review of Recent Research on Kanji Processing, Learning, and Instruction, Yoshiko Mori

The Japanese Writing System and Lexical Understanding, Katsuo Tamaoka