Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 47, No. 2, October 2013


The Word Monosugoshi and Changing Perceptions of Nature in Medieval Japan, Paul S. Atkins

New Chinese Immigrants in Japan: Cultural Translation and Linguistic Hybridity in Yang Yi's and Mao Danqing's Japanese-Language Writing, Lianying Shan

Identifying Useful Phonetic Components of kanji for Learners of Japanese, Etsuko Toyoda, Arief Muhammad Firdaus, and Chieko Kano


Rowley, An Imperial Concubine's Tale: Scandal, Shipwreck, and Salvation in Seventeenth Century Japan, Satoko Shimazaki

Heldt, The Pursuit of Harmony: Poetry and Power in Early Heian Japan, Thomas Lamarre

Flueckiger, Imagining Harmony: Poetry, Empathy, and Community in Mid-Tokugawa Confucianism and Nativism, Wilburn Hansen

Kuwamura, Nippon Wars and Other Plays, M. Cody Poulton

Kondo-Brown, Saito-Abbott, Satsutani, Tsutsui, and Wehmeyer, New Perspectives on Japanese Learning, Linguistics, and Culture, Mari Noda