Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 46, No. 1, April 2012


Poetic Sequence as Personal Salvation: Saigyo's Poems "Upon Seeing Pictures of
Hell", Joseph T. Sorenson


Strong, Ainu Spirits Singing: Chiri Yukie and the Origins of the Ainu Shin'yoshu, ann-elise lewallen

Ridgely, Japanese Counterculture: The Antiestablishment Art of Terayama Shuji, Nathan Clerici

Marra, The Poetics of Motoori Norinaga: A Hermeneutical Journal, Patrick Caddeau

Oka, Tsutsui, Kondo, Emori, Hanai, and Ishikawa, Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese - Learning through Content and Multimedia, Ritsuko Narita

Kimbrough and Shimazaki, Publishing the Stage: Print and Performance in Early Modern Japan, Matthew W. Shores

Kluemper, Berkson, Patton, and Patton, Beginning Japanese: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition, Geoff Biesinger

Freedman, Tokyo in Transit: Japanese Culture on the Rails and Road, Roy Starrs

Special Section:
Current Issues in Japanese Language Education, Acquisition, and Linguistics

(Guest Editor: Mutsuko Endo Hudson)

Dedication and Introduction, Mutsuko Endo Hudson

A Study of the Usage Restrictions for Simultaneity Expressions in Japanese, Michio Tsutsui

Pedagogical Implications in Research Articles, Yukiko Hatasa

Five Myths about Kanji and Kanji Learning, Yoshiko Mori

Connecting an Individual to Society and the World in Japanese Content-Based Instruction, Nobuko Chikamatsu

Integrating Rakugo and Kobanashi in Japanese Language Classes at Different Levels, Kazumi Hatasa