Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 45, No. 1, April 2011


John Lennon vs. The Gangsters: Discursive Identity and Resistance in the Metafiction of Takahashi Gen'ichiro, Marc Yamada

Out of Sodesuka-shi, Creating Yobo-san: Cartooning the Korean Other in Japan's Colonial Discourse, Helen J. S. Lee

Learning L2 Japanese "politeness" and "impoliteness": Young American Men's Dilemmas during Study Abroad, Noriko Iwasaki

Review Article

Senko K. Maynard, Linguistic Creativity in Japanese Discourse, Shoichi Iwasaki


Hirota, Nihongo o oshieru, Hisae Fujiwara

Thornber, Tosa Mitsunobu and the Small Scroll in Medieval Japan, Kimberly Kono

Kushner, Crazy for KANJI, Sachiko Matsunaga

Malm, An Anthology of NAGAUTA, Eric C. Rath

Christensen and Noda, A Performance-Based Pedagogy for Communicating in Cultures, Misumi Sadler

Special Section: Approaches to Japanese Discourse

Introduction, Patricia J. Wetzel

Soapbox Speeches in the Summer of Seiken Kotai, Shoji Azuma

Filling Social Space with Fillers: Gains in Social Dimension after Studying Abroad in Japan, Noriko Iwasaki

Enriching Interactional Space Nonverbally: Microanalysis of Teachers' Performance in JFL Classrooms, Keiko Ikeda

Verbal and Non-Verbal Convergence on Discursive Assets of Japanese Speakers: An Ethnopoetic Analysis of Repeated Gestures by Japanese First-Aid Instructors, Kuniyoshi Kataoka

Negotiation and Confirmation of Arrangements in Japanese Business Discourse, Lindsay Amthor Yotsukura

Aspect and Discourse in Tense-Switching: A Case Study of Natsume Soseki's Botchan, Hiroshi Nara

It's Not About You: Deictic Elements in Public Signs of the United States and Japan, Patricia J. Wetzel