Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 43, No. 2, October 2009


Teaching Culture in Japanese Language Programs at the University Level: Insights from the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Samuel Coleman

Learners' Use of Japanese Interactional Particles in Student - Teacher Conversations, Kyoko Masuda

Female Bodies Translated Across the Strait of Korea: Corporeal Transformation in Chong Wishin's Plays, John D. Swain

The New Lady-in-Waiting is a Chigo: Sexual Fluidity and Dual Transvestism in a Medieval Buddhist Acolyte Tale, Sachi Schmidt-Hori

Between Monks: Saigyo's Shukke, Homosocial Desire, and Japanese Poetry, Jack Stoneman

JLL Forum

Reading Literature in Japanese: Practical Strategies for Instruction, Julia C. Bullock

Review Article

Sato and Doerr, Bunka, Kotoba, Kyoiku: Nihongo/Nihon no Kyoiku no Hyojun o Koete, reviewed by Seiichi Makino

Tributes to Eleanor Harz Jorden

Dissertation Abstracts

Frank Joseph Shulman Language Pedagogy / Linguistics / Literature and Drama