Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 43, No. 1, April 2009


Exposing the Private Origins of Public Stories: Narrative Perspective and the Appropriation of Selfhood in Murakami Haruki’s Post-AUM Metafiction, Marc Yamada

Through Beastly Tears: Devouring the Dead in the Poetry of Ishigaki Rin, Lee Friederich

The Sword Trope and the Birth of the Shogunate: Historical Metaphors in Muromachi Japan, Vyjayanthi R. Selinger

Confucian Frosting on a Christian Cake: The Translation of an American Primer in Meiji Japan, Martin Nordeborg


Ramirez-Christensen, Emptiness and Temporality: Buddhism and Medieval Japanese, reviewed by Takeshi Watanabe

Kimbrough, Preachers, Poets, Women, and the Way: Izumi Shikibu and the Buddhist Literature of Medieval Japan, reviewed by Catherine Ryu

Mori and Ohta, Japanese Applied Linguistics: Discourse and Social Perspectives, reviewed by Suwako Watanabe

Dissertation Abstracts

Frank Joseph Shulman Language Pedagogy / Linguistics / Literature and Drama