Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 42, No. 1, April 2008


The Search for the Language of Yamatai, John R. Bentley

Homomorphemic Diffusion in Japanese Nonce Lexemes, Mark Irwin

Religious Conflict among Hawaii Nikkei and How Japanese Entered the Public School Curriculum, 1896-1924,

Literacy in the Foreign Language Curriculum: A Supplementary Grammar Course for Intermediate Japanese, Yoko Hasegawa and Wakae Kambara

Promoting Critical Reading in an Advanced-Level Japanese Course: Theory and Practice through Reflection and Dialogues, Noriko Iwasaki and Yuri Kumagai

Expressivity of Vagueness: Alienation in the Verb-tari suru Construction, Satoko Suzuki

The -ta Form as die reine Sprache (Pure Language) in Futabei’s Translations, Hiroko Cockerill

The “Transparent Narrator" Revisited: Osaki Koyo and Genbun itchi, Matthew Konigsberg

Foreign Bones, Japanese Flesh: Translations and the Emergence of Modern Children’s Literature in Japan, Judy Wakabayashi

Illustrating the Classics: The Otogizoshi Lazy Taro in Edo Pictorial Fiction, R. Keller Kimbrough


Crowley, Haikai Poet Yosa Buson and the Basho Revival, reviewed by Joseph T. Sorenson

Pedagogy Review

Yamaguchi, Japanese Language in Use: An Introduction, reviewed by Satoko Suzuki