Japanese Language and Literature Vol. 41, No. 1, April 2007


Voices of the “Colonists,” Voices of the “Immigrants”: “Korea” in Japan’s Early Colonial Travel Narratives and Guides, 1894-1914, Helen J. S. Lee

“L’homme fatal” and (Dis)empowered Women in Mori Mari’s Male Homosexual Trilogy, Kazumi Nagaike

Students’ Preceptions of Oral Error Correction, Akemi Katayama

The Pragmatics–Grammar Interface in L2 Japanese: The Case for Contrastive Expressions, Naomi Geyer


Marceau, Takebe Ayatari: A Bunjin Bohemian in Early Modern Japan, reviewed by Sonja Arntzen

Davis, Understanding Humor in Japan, reviewed by Rachael Hutchinson

Wallace, Objects of Discourse: Memoirs by Women of Heian Japan, reviewed by Lynne K. Miyake

LaMarre, Shadows on the Screen: Tanizaki Jun’ichiro on Cinema and “Oriental” Aesthetics, reviewed by Atsuko Sakaki

Pedagogy Review

Sharpe, Kodansha’s Communicative English–Japanese Dictionary, reviewed by Eiko Torii-Williams

Dissertation Abstracts

Frank Joseph Shulman Language Pedagogy / Linguistics / Literature and Drama