Executive Director/Principal

Sheridan Japanese School (OR)

Sheridan Japanese School, a public charter school in the Sheridan 48J School District in Oregon, is looking to fill a position for a full-time executive director/principal. The Sheridan Japanese School is a small charter school which focuses on the instruction and experience of the Japanese language and culture as well as achievement/growth in other core subjects.

We are seeking an enthusiastic administrator with a passion for leading a fantastic small school as Executive Director/Principal. This position requires that the Executive Director drive all aspects of student achievement and learning, staff development and instruction, operations, as well as volunteer and fundraising efforts. Sheridan Japanese School is comprised of 4th-12th graders and is focused on the Japanese language and culture, so this position requires flexibility with multi-age groups and respect for diversity and global learning. This position requires advanced organization and communication skills but also the willingness to innovate. Trust in the staff, their expertise and collaborative skills is a must. Most importantly, the primary goal is to drive student social development and academic achievement. This position is currently open, with a summer start date. Japanese experience is a significant bonus but not required.

       · Master’s Degree/MAT, MEd, Teaching license, and Preliminary/Initial Administrator’s License
       · At least three years of teaching experience (charter-school experience is preferred.)
       · Must demonstrate knowledge and buy-in to the Sheridan Japanese School mission and vision.
       · Experience in global education, familiarity with language learning, global exchange.
       · Diverse teaching experience over multiple grade-levels.
       · Success in philosophy, curriculum, and instruction including an understanding of a culturally responsive process and a variety of instructional strategies.
       · Success in leading the improvement of student achievement through data-driven programs.
       · Leadership experiences in staff leadership, supervision, and evaluation, and improvement in instruction.
       · Ability and desire to establish positive relationships with persons regardless of background.
       · Understanding of the change process and its relationship to current trends in education.
       · Effectiveness in planning, scheduling, and allocating resources, reaching logical conclusions and making high-quality decisions using appropriate decision-making processes, and accepting responsibility for action.
       · History of good judgment, insight, self-awareness, integrity, and cultural responsiveness.
       · Experience in promoting school, driving volunteer efforts and grant-writing/fundraising.
       · Ability to foster an environment that focuses on quality results while motivating, developing, and supporting a diverse staff, encouraging continuous improvement, and working effectively as a member of a diverse team.
       · Strong work ethic and ability to work outside regular office hours as needed to accomplish tasks.
       · Commitment to lifelong learning and professional growth.
       · Strong commitment to the principles of trust, teamwork, accessibility, problem solving and collaboration.
       · Demonstrated timeliness and high level of organization.
       · Knowledge of teacher evaluation and demonstrated ability to apply this knowledge in K-12 public schools.
       · Demonstrated success in maintaining disciplinary systems and maintaining high levels of behavioral success.

       · Negotiable based on experience and skills.
       · Full-time benefits (PERS, medical & dental coverage.)

Application Deadline: June 15, 2017, and/or until position is filled.

Interested Applicants:
Please initially submit the following, via email (preferable) or regular mail:
       · Cover letter, Current Resume/CV
       · Three letters of reference
Send all items to info@sheridanjapaneseschool.com and/or to Sheridan Japanese School, 430 SW Monroe St., Sheridan, OR 97378.

Posting Date: 
June 2, 2017
Job Status: