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Daisuke Shimizu

Job Type Sought: 
College and University

I am looking for a full-time Japanese teaching position at a college or university. I earned a bachelor’s degree in international studies at California State University, East Bay; and a master’s degree in Japanese at San Francisco State University. During my graduate school years, I studied second language acquisition, cultural linguistics, pedagogical linguistics, English-Japanese translation and interpretation, and so on. In my graduation project, I have discovered how translators’ cultural backgrounds influence their translation works, especially when they translate international news articles.

After graduating from San Francisco State University in 2013, I moved to Miami, FL, and worked as a Japanese lecturer at Miami Dade College for one academic year. As the school had not offered any Japanese course before my arrival, I developed and created a curriculum on my own. While this was a great experience, I am looking for a full-time position in order to engage myself in teaching.

Daisuke Shimizu


Skype: dshimizu_2014

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