JOINT Online Courses for Teachers of Japanese

Evaluating and Integrating Technology for Japanese Language Teaching

The JOINT online professional development program of the Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) first offered “Evaluating and Integrating Technology for Japanese Language Teaching” in Summer 2011. This online course, which features the use of interactive technologies and collaborative work by participants, was conducted between June 8 and July 27, 2011 (six weeks of class and one week of orientation and technology familiarization). WE PLAN TO OFFER THIS COURSE IN WINTER 2015.

Description: Participants in this course will learn how to critically evaluate technology tools in order to effectively integrate them into Japanese language courses. They will identify useful technology applications for all areas of classroom instruction using the National Educational Technology Standards and the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning (5 Cs). Participants will have an opportunity to discuss with one another the best strategies for integrating technology in order to enhance their own teaching, and they will develop lesson plans focusing on one of the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretative, presentational).

Faculty: Emi Ochiai Ahn, Mesa (AZ) Community College; Lynn Sessler, Menasha (WI) Joint School District.

Schedule: This online course runs for seven weeks; time requirement for participants is approximately 5 hours per week. Participants will engage in online reflection journals, lesson plan development, and technology application reviews. oneof several weekly online discussion sessions on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Materials: Selected reading materials are made available online.

Credit and Grading: Graduate credit will be made available for those who wish it, at a reasonable cost ($120 for two semester credit hours). Those participants who elect to receive credit will receive grades for the course; grades will be based on participation, materials development projects, completion of assigned readings, and self/peer evaluation. All participants who complete the course will receive certificates of completion from AATJ/JOINT.

Fees: The fee for the course is $95,* payable after enrollment is confirmed. There is a limit on the number of participants who can be accommodated, and you will be notified after sending your e-mail enrollment request.

Cancellation Policy: Participation in this course requires a commitment to devote several hours a week to real-time online collaborative work with classmates and instructors. Time will be devoted at the beginning to making sure that participants are familiar with interactive technology and can use it comfortably. If a participant is forced to withdraw for unavoidable reasons once the course has begun, his or her enrollment fees cannot be refunded.

Required Technical Background for Participants: Participants should be familiar with basic Internet features such as looking for information, reading online materials, downloading materials, sending and receiving emails, and online chatting. Experience with using Skype (voice and/or webcam) and a collaborative writing tool such as Google Docs or wiki would be a plus. A fast Internet connection (Ethernet or wireless) will be needed to work on various online activities; dial-up modem connection is not recommended. Participants who do not have a webcam and microphone built into their computers need to purchase one for course participation (the cost for this equipment is usually about $25).

* JOINT program courses can be offered at a low fee thanks to the support of several organizations: the Japan Foundation, the Toshiba International Foundation, the Shoyu Club, and the US-Japan Foundation.